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Thoughts & Inspiration
by Tracy

Words are but
pictures, of our thoughts

Below you’ll find my musings.  I share these in the hope they’ll open your heart and your mind and inspire you to create the life you dream about, because you deserve a beautiful life, one that sets your Soul on fire…  

The benefits of owning your unique qualities.

Sometimes we get so comfy in our natural qualities, that as we move into different areas of our life, we continue to show up this way. These qualities may have been helpful in one area, like work, yet can hinder our experiences and relationships in others.

The benefits Of Being Creative

For years I didn’t believe that I was creative. I saw so many people around me creating beauty with their hands, a paint brush, clay,

Daily rituals to better your well being

We can’t change the situations around us however we can change the way we respond to them. By developing self-care rituals which cultivate a deeper connection to our conscious self, your life will unfold in the most spectacular ways.

Meet Janelle

The power of coaching

Ever wondered how coaching can support you? Have a read below, where Janelle, one of Tracy’s clients shares how coaching supported her…

Commit to you

I find it interesting that we can be very consistent when it comes to complaining about our problems, sometimes unaware we’re even doing it. So how about we practice a consistent ritual, which enhances life.

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behind the scenes

Follow your heart, not the crowds

Many years ago, when I first moved away from my hometown, I decided to study Kinesiology. For approximately three and a half years I spent one weekend a month and every Monday, in class. I also studied from home and with other students.

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Mental Health Awareness

‘25 push-ups for 25 days’ An initiative to support people struggling with mental illness by staying active and making it OK to talk about the struggles people are facing.

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Helping people shine

I’m helping people shine… I was at an event last week when someone asked me about my background.  “What did you do before you began coaching?” they

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