Mental Health Awareness

‘25 push-ups for 25 days’ An initiative to support people struggling with mental illness by staying active and making it OK to talk about the struggles people are facing.

If you’ve been on social media lately, you’ll have noticed there’s a challenge going around called ‘25 push-ups for 25 days’ it’s an initiative to support people struggling with mental illness by staying active and making it OK to talk about the struggles people are facing.

I started the challenge 11 Days ago and I’m staying committed. This challenge means so much more than simply doing 25 push-ups each day. As you’ll most likely know, anyone suffering from a mental illness doesn’t have the freedom to say ‘ok I quit feeling this way now and I no longer have mental health issues’ and so to me completing the challenge is about honouring those going through a tough time and not quitting. I know 25 push up is nothing like having a mental health issue, however it’s a way to show respect to those who are struggling and for them to know I’m thinking about them.

When I was going through my dark night of the soul, I wasn’t comfortable talking about it. It felt overwhelming and like I had failed, however when I finally had the courage to reach out and admit I wasn’t coping, that is when things slowly began to change for the better. Having a safe space to talk out my troubles was really scary, however I found that I wasn’t alone and there was a way out and with the right support I began to get better and so did my circumstances.

Something else the challenge has reminded me of is the funeral of one my my childrens friends who committed suicide at 15. I had met this boy and he had a big heart, a great sense of humour and lots of friends. When attending his funeral, something really stood out to me. This boy was so loved. He had a great family and loads of friends. The stories that were shared about him made us smile, laugh and cry, he was one of a kind and had lost his way. I feel teary thinking of him. I remember thinking at the time, if only he knew all of the people who filled and spilled out of the community hall loved him so much, maybe he’d still be here, maybe…

I guess I’m sharing this because if you know someone who is going through a tough time, please keep showing up for them, even when they say they’re fine, keep showing up and checking on them and if you’re the one going through a tough time, please know that you are loved and you will get through this and there are people around you right now, who would love to support you.

Please be brave and reach out.

If you’re looking for tools to support yourself or someone you know going through a tough time, check out www.depression.org You’ll find lots of resources which may be helpful. I also found this article interesting which is about the western world and our pursuit to be happy, which simply isn’t realistic all the time and can actually have the opposite.

Please know I’m here if you’d like to chat. If I can help I will and if not, I’ll point you to someone
who might be able to.
Sending loads of love
Tracy x


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