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My story

I’m a Life Coach, Mentor, Public Speaker and Truth Seeker.  I’m passionate about supporting you to delve into the depths of your soul and discover what makes you truly happy.  

I’m also a Mother, Grandmother, Wife and in my 48th year on this plant.  I’ve taken up surfing and Te Reo Maori studies, which both scare the shit out of me, but also light me up in the most amazing ways!

Over the years I’ve come to understand on an intrinsic level that everything happening in our lives is directly linked to the relationship we have with ourselves. What we believe, becomes our reality. The more we connect with our authentic self and cultivate a beautiful relationship within, the more our lives can flourish.

I’ve witnessed this time and time again, with the incredible clients I’ve supported and also in my own life.

Let me explain more…

One day about 30 years ago, a gorgeous friend played a huge part in transforming my life.  She handed me a copy of Louise Hay’s book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’.   This was definitely a pivotal moment in my life, because after reading the first page I was hooked.  This book spoke to me. It made me realise that I was responsible for my happiness, not my partner, my career, the weather or anything else outside of me.  It was I, that held the power and if I chose to, I could create myself, a beautiful life.


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After reading that book, my thirst for knowledge and growth became a constant. I immersed myself in many teachings; Kinesiology, Bach Flowers, Life Coaching, Louise Hay’s teacher training, Kundalini Yoga, First Light Flower Essences and I attended many workshops, hired counselors, life coaches and business coaches.  I was a sponge for knowledge and it was an incredible time.

Through all of this learning I transformed my life.  As I grew I moved away from my home-town, left toxic relationships behind, met the love of my life, Andy and we’ve now been together 21 years.  I took the plunge and started my beautiful business 14 years ago, improved my health, healed past wounds and addictions and met the most amazing Soul sisters.  

Over the years I have found myself in some incredibly challenging situations and I’ve had to dig deep and find my inner strength to let go of my old ways and create the life I now live, yet it was all worth it.

My journey so far has given me the empathy, to understand others situations, the humility to know we can all fall down, yet we can rise again, the wisdom to trust my intuition and say what comes through me and the tools, to support others to create a life they truly desire.

I’ve had some amazing support, teachers and cheerleaders over the years, which I am incredibly grateful for and I’m super stoked  that I too, walk alongside the coolest people from all walks of life, supporting them aswell.

So beauty, what are you longing to achieve, embrace, conquer, manifest or transform? 

I know you can hear the call of your Soul, and now it’s time to honour your wisdom…

Tell me, what do you long to experience in this lifetime?

I would love to support you to make it happen…

Tracy x

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