Helping people shine

I’m helping people shine…

I was at an event last week when someone asked me about my background.  “What did you do before you began coaching?” they said. 

Without missing a beat, I said, “Oh I used to clean toilets, yeah, I was a house cleaner, a teacher aid, I did a bit of retail and raised my children.  There’s no University degree here”. The woman asking was a little taken aback.  There was no judgement, she was inspired and said “wow, I didn’t expect that”.

Why am I sharing this?  Because my gorgeous business blossom turned 10 this month and I’ve been reflecting.

When I decided to become a coach, my life was far from the way it is now, however I knew I was in my element when I was supporting people and I had learned a lot over the prior years, by attending and then facilitating at workshops. 

For some strange reason, when I decided to train as a coach, I didn’t think ‘I’m cleaning toilets, I’m broke, and I’ve had really crappy relationships, who am I to coach people”, or maybe I did, yet those thoughts were side swiped by the drive to support others, the way I had been supported when I hired a coach.

I stayed in the space of possibilities. I amped up my personal development and I trained over three years part time to become a coach. It was tough going, yet the more I learned, the more I wanted to help others! 

I started with one amazing coaching client, who worked with me for quite some time and this supported me, just as much as I supported her.

At first I kept cleaning houses and then was a teacher aid while building Blossom and then I had the courage to work full time on my business.

At times I wanted to give up and go and get a job, Andy continued to encourage me. I’m so grateful he did.

Over the last 10 years I’ve ended up coaching the most amazing clients both nationally and internationally through some of their toughest and most wonderful times.

I’ve had the opportunity to contribute to New Idea magazine, Good magazine and m2woman, blogs and been interviewed by fabulous people. I’ve spoken to small and large numbers, connected with the coolest people and collaborated with phenomenal leaders doing incredible work.

My past is very colourful, I got up to a lot of mischief, I made some decisions which weren’t the best for myself and my family, however if I held onto these situations and made them mean I couldn’t possibly become a coach, I wouldn’t be where I am. 

I want this to be a gentle reminder to you, that it doesn’t matter what your past looks like.  It doesn’t matter what choices you made or whether you went to Uni or not. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are.

When you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything. When you align with your strengths, and you operate from your genius, you can do anything. 

There will be things that come naturally to you, do them.  There will be things that stretch you and put you outside your comfort zone, however deep down you know it’s what you’re here to do, so go do it!
There is NO one stopping you from doing what you truly want to do, except you.  Don’t let your dreams gather dust, instead have the courage to do what your heart is pulling you towards by nourishing your dreams and bringing them to life. 
If you’d like me to support you, you can learn about my coaching options here.

What would you love to achieve, which you don’t feel ready for yet?


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