The Game Changer That Helped Transform My Life

Many years ago while in a dark place, I was handed a copy of ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay and it opened my eyes in a big way. Discovering that I was responsible for my own happiness was a massive revelation to me. I had always thought others were to blame for my sadness, anger and the drama I experienced.


In her best selling book Louise spoke about changing thought patterns, mirror work, forgiveness, releasing anger and being kind to yourself to name just a few of the topics she covered.


Reading this book gave me huge awareness. The topics she covered really resonated with me. This book alone wasn’t going to change my life though. The game changer was when I put, what I was learning into practice. That’s when the transformation began to occur.


Years later when I met Louise Hay in Melbourne, she spoke about a similar topic. She mentioned that many people have lots of self-help books on their bookshelves, yet what’s deeply important is that we embody what we’re learning. (That’s my words) Whether that’s knowledge from a book, a podcast, a workshop or intuitive wisdom that comes from within; the key is to honour what deeply resonates and bring it wholeheartedly into our lives. I couldn’t have agreed more!

So what does this look like, you might ask?

Speaking your affirmations when you feel great and also when you feel like s#?t. Listening to your intuition when you get wonderful insights and also when intuition arises as anxiety or when it’s saying get out, or speak up when you feel afraid.

Staying present when you’re in nature and also when someone is triggering you big time and you want to scream and react.

The point I’m making is, the tools that help transform your life are not tools you pick up willy nilly, they’re tools you use daily.

Your daily meditation doesn’t have to be when you sit down on your yoga mat. It can be in each moment, when you feel triggered and you choose to respond, rather than react. Or when you choose to forgive, rather than hold on. Or when you lean in, when you want to shut down and turn away.


Bring all the knowledge you’ve learned over the years to the table and start using it on a consistent basis. That is when your life will truly transform.


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