Are You Meeting Your Own Needs?

Many years ago I suffered from a huge amount of headaches. I’d experience them weekly and they were pretty debilitating. I would take painkillers and sleep lots.  It was a really horrible time in my life.


I realize now that I was under a huge amount of pressure back then, my stress levels were through the roof, I also consumed a lot of sugar and also alcohol.  It was a vicious cycle.  The alcohol relaxed me, the sugar made me feel energized, and bought a little sweetness to my life, however the comedown was horrible and fear was often present.

I believe there was another reason I got my headaches too…  You see back then my self worth wasn’t that great and I struggled to ask for what I needed.  So I believe I manifested many of my headaches so I could get support, put my feet up and set boundaries.  If there wasn’t something wrong, I didn’t feel I had the right to ask.


I really needed support back them, however the way I was getting it came with a great big headache!


Have you ever looked to see if you get your needs meet through unhealthy ways?  You may like to ask yourself… What needs am I trying to meet by doing something I don’t want to do?


I love this question!  Ask yourself it a few times.  Look over your life.  Ask yourself again!  Look deeper and then ask again…

What needs am I trying to meet by doing something I don’t want to do?

  • Are you, creating headaches, to ask for what you want, because you don’t feel worthy?
  • Are you staying in a crappy relationship, so you don’t have to feel alone?
  • Are you doing way too much, for way too many people, in the hope you’ll get the recognition you crave?
  • Are you staying in a job that’s destroying your soul because of your need to feel safe?
  • Are you creating issues in your relationship so you can escape and have time out, because you’re afraid to speak up and say what you want?


Begin to look at what you need, uncover how you’re meeting your needs and if you can see there’s a cost attached, ask yourself how you could meet these needs in a healthier way.


If you long for timeout, rather than creating a drama so you can escape, begin to build your worthiness.  Start speaking up and saying how you feel.  This can take courage when you’ve never opened up and expressed yourself in such a vulnerable way before.  Be brave and do it anyway.


As you work on meeting your own needs, you’ll feel far more empowered and have fewer expectations on other people.  You’ll also experience life without the headaches.


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