Begin your day in a beautiful way

The way we start our day, has a huge impact on the way our day unfolds.  You’ve most likely heard of Karma, cause and effect or the old quote, “treat others, as you would have them do unto you”.  They pretty much all mean the same thing…  In some shape or form “what we do, has an effect and it comes back to us”.

The more intentional we are, the more we’re able to manifest what we desire, rather than attracting situations by default.

For instance, say we wake up really grumpy.  We lament over what we feel is ‘wrong’, we speak to people about how crappy our morning is going, we sigh and stress and as the day rolls on, we can’t believe how bad our day is going.

Cause and effect is at play, the ripple we’re sending out is ‘grumpy’ and we continue to experience situations and people that vibrate on the same level.

The following day we wake up and we feel grumpy, however we’re aware of the power we have and we’d much rather experience a great day, so we change the way we’re looking at life.  Instead of lamenting on the previous day, we give thanks for the sleep we had, that our loved one is sleeping beside us, that we have a roof over our head, a job to go to, or food in our fridge.  We rise and we’re grateful for the breakfast we’re eating and the sun shining through the kitchen window…

As we give thanks, our mood shifts, we feel lighter, and once again cause and effect takes motion, our day gets better and better, because we feel good.  Because we’re in a good space, when challenging situations do arise, we’re able to problem solve, deal with the situation and see the brighter side.

In the first example I shared, life is happening to us.  In the second example, we’re intentionally raising our vibration and in doing so, supporting ourselves to have a great day no matter the circumstances.

By simply shifting the way we feel in the morning and focusing on the good, we create a ripple that can have a beautiful effect throughout our day.

Here are a few uplifting ways I begin my day…


When you first wake, bring a smile to your face, allow that smile to spread from the corners of your lips, to your checks, eyes and scalp.  Feel the smile as if it’s energy within your head and let that energy spread, down your throat, into your chest and expand through your whole body.  Let your whole being, be one great big smile.

Give thanks:

Prior to getting out of bed, I begin to think about what I’m grateful for. Gratitude has been proven to make you happier, it lesson’s anxiety and depression symptoms, and increases resilience, empathy and social connections.  This is one very powerful way to start the day.

Either in your head or in a journal you keep beside the bed, jot down about seven things you’re grateful for before you rise.


It’s so easy to jump out of bed and straight onto the automatic treadmill of life.  Before I get out of bed, I take a few full breaths.  I place my left hand on my belly, right hand on my heart and breathe slowly.  I inhale through the nostrils, making sure to fill my belly, then allow my diaphragm to expand and then finally my chest, as I exhale, I empty my chest and then lastly my belly.  I’m present to the rise and fall of my hands and the sound of my breath.  I also do this during the night if I wake and can’t get back to sleep.

Breathing is incredibly powerful and even though we all do it, it’s amazing how many of us are breathing only in our chest, which can contribute to feeling rushed, light headed or even anxious.  Allow yourself the gift of oxygen throughout your body, breathe fully…


I hug my hubby and I stay there until I’m fully present.  I soak up the feelings of being in his arms, I allow all my senses to enjoy the connection and the feelings of being fully embraced and loved.

Hugs have been proven to reduce stress, boost the immune system, relax tension in the body, enhance connections, lesson fear and ultimately make you feel happier.  It doesn’t have to be with a specific lover either, hug your children, friends, yourself or even a stranger!


I journal and get everything in my head out onto paper.  I find this incredibly helpful.  There are a couple of reasons why… It clears my head and makes my worries much smaller, I get lots of ideas when I write, I find answers to my questions, it’s how I develop my blogs and social media posts and it’s another way I focus on gratitude.  Give it a go and see if it’s helpful for you too.

Tune in:

I listen to the rhythms of my body throughout the month.  There are times when I feel positive and energized and other times I’m more introvert and reflective, I listen to my body, honour my cycles and go with ‘my’ flow.  I also make sure to eat what works best for my body.

Time out:

I head to the yoga studio, go for a walk or step into my sacred space at home for some movement or meditation.  It doesn’t matter how bad I feel, when I get on my yoga mat or out into nature, to either move or be still, I feel a whole lot better afterwards.

If you’ve been thinking about going to yoga, but you’re not keen to join a yoga studio, check out YouTube, you can find all sorts of yoga there.  I love Kundalini Yoga, I find it so grounding.
Choose a couple of these tips and try them for a week or so.  Observe the difference in the way you feel and the effect your mood has on your day.


Do you have your own rituals you use to get yourself in the right state of mind?  Inspire us, by letting us know what they are…


Tracy Manu is a life coach, women’s mentor and inspirational speaker.  She is passionate about empowering women to create lives they truly, deeply love.  Book your free consult with Tracy to learn how she can support you too.


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