Six Facts About Women Who Hire A Life Coach

1. They can see their own potential

These women get that they’re pretty dam awesome and they’ve decided it’s about time they stepped up, put themselves first and embraced their authentic, quirky, incredible self.

2. They’ve realized they don’t have to do everything on their own.

They understand having someone to bounce ideas off and offer a different perspective is incredibly useful and at times a necessity.

3. They invest in themselves

These types of women know that investing in their personal development is a priority.  They recognize the benefits of working on their personal growth and the positive effects, this can have in other areas of their lives.

They’re not ‘course junkies’ or want to be ‘saved’ they’re empowered women who take charge of their lives.

4. They know they have to do the work

They’re aware that lack of self-responsibility is a deal breaker and that if they want to experience positive changes they’ve got to do the work.  They see they have the answers within them and that their coach will simply empower them to tap into their wisdom and the truth of who they are.

They also know that their coach won’t predict their future or do the work for them 😉

5. They feel the fear and do it anyway

When women rock up to hire a coach some of them feel their lives are in tatters others are pretty happy, yet want more.  The similarity between all of these women, is that they’ve come to the conclusion that even though it’s scary to reach out and open up to a stranger, they have the courage to face their fears and ask for help anyway.

6. They are amazing, beautiful, wise, courageous and so much more and I simply love working with them!!!

If you’d like to figure out your default beliefs and step into a more empowered space, book yourself a free consult and let’s see if I can support you.




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