Determine Your Values And Allow The Expression Of Your Soul To Shine

Getting to know myself has become a life long journey.  Questions like ‘what do I value, how do I feel, what do I like or dislike and what am I here to do’ are questions I ask myself regularly.


What I’ve found as I’ve delved into these questions, is that the answers morph.  It’s like more layers are peeled back and as they do, I discover a deeper more heartfelt appreciation for what I value. With this intrinsic understanding, my intentions for how I choose to live my life become much clearer.


Compassion has been one of my values for as long as I can remember, however this often gets me caught up in the pain others experience.  As I began to get to know myself more, my compassion for others morphed into empathy, which then fed into another value, ‘making a difference.’


Let me give you an example… In the past I always struggled watching videos where animals were mistreated.  I’d watch the video and feel deep sadness/compassion for the animals, I’d tell my hubby about the video, I’d cry and be consumed by the pain the animals experienced.

My understanding with how powerful our thoughts, feeling and language are, has changed my perspective when suffering is involved.  I now feel empathy rather than compassion.  When I come from empathy I still feel deep sadness for the animals, however my attitude is now ‘how can I empower or change the situation?’  Which is far more beneficial.

It’s the same with being a life coach, if I got caught up in my clients pain, I simply wouldn’t be able to empower them the way I can, when I choose empathy.


Having empathy has given me the motivation to empower women on a whole new level,  It’s inspired me to become a vegetarian and it guides me to support causes, which are making a positive difference in our world.  Knowing I’m ‘making a difference’ in these ways, helps me to experience a deeply satisfying life.

Discovering the values that are deeply meaningful to you and staying connected to these values throughout your day will make life a whole lot more enjoyable!

You’ll begin to align your daily intentions and your short and long-term goals with your values.  By doing so, your life becomes a great big opportunity where you embody your Souls expression and this is where the magic happens!


So beauty, get to it!  Discover your values or re-look at them.


Click HERE to take a look through the list of values, then choose ten words that resonate.  Once you have your ten, try to narrow your list down to five or even three.

Over the next few weeks, ‘try your values on.’

Do they resonate?

Are they helping you live a more authentic life?

Are you speaking up and honouring what you value?


If you find you’re not resonating with a specific word, let it go and keep feeling into other values.  You’ll know when you’ve found the right ones – for now.  They’ll feel really good when you put them on.  You may find that when your values are mentioned you become much more passionate.  You might notice your energy rises or you become more committed and focused to situations.  You’ll notice the difference.  That’s the magical thing about values; they’re the lighthouse we’re drawn to and you’ll most likely realise that you’ve been drawn to them all your life.

Tracy Manu is a life coach, mentor and speaker, who is passionate about support women to create lives, they truly, deeply love.
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