Are You A Dreamer Or A Doer?

Are you a dreamer?  Can you easily imagine how you’d love your life to be?  Can you imagine where you’ll be, whom you’re with, what you’re doing and maybe you can even smell, taste and hear what’s happening in your daydreams?

Or are you a doer?  Is most of your day spent taking action?  Do you have lists, strategies, and diagrams, and are you known as the one who has their head down and won’t waste a moment?

Neither of the above examples is better than the other.  There is no right or wrong.  You actually need both qualities to experience satisfaction in your life.

Let me explain why…

If you were simply a dreamer, you wouldn’t get a lot done.  Dreamers use a telescopic vision. Meaning they see the big picture and they LOVE looking at that picture.  The challenge is to get dreamers out of the clouds and back on planet earth, where they take action to make their dreams a reality.  Dreamers can often feel disappointed at the end of the year, as they haven’t achieved what they’d hoped, because they’ve been too busy dreaming.

The doers on the other hand, use a microscopic vision.  They focus on the detail and the actions they need to take.  They’re often found working and their challenge is to stop, smell the roses and remember why they’re working so damn hard.  When doers forget their ‘why’, they become uninspired and feel taken for granted.

The key is to embrace both the dreamer and the doer.

Pander to the needs of the dreamer.  Allow it to indulge in the feelings of success and satisfaction.

Vision boards, journalling and letting the imagination go wild, will all inspire the Dreamer.

Channel this inspiration into action.  Literally feel yourself come back down to earth and take the required steps.  Use the strategies, stay focused and tick off those to-do lists, which the doer absolutely loves!

Moving from the dreamer to the doer is a continual cycle, where both are very important to not only reach goals, but to enjoy the journey, which makes life far more satisfying.

Do you have a tendency to be either the dreamer or the doer?  Which quality do you need to embrace a little more, so you experience more satisfaction while working on your goals?

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