Need help and not sure where to start?

Do you know you need help but you don’t know where to start? When you are feeling overwhelmed in both your home and business life, many women will prioritise their business ahead of themselves in the hope that more money coming in, will make them feel better.

Many years ago I hired a business coach. I was just starting out and knew I needed a helping hand.  I signed on the dotted line and committed to a business coach program, which if I remember rightly was 4 to 6 months long and cost a few thousand dollars, which I really didn’t have at the time.

After a few meetings I noticed my results weren’t changing and to be honest I was feeling worse than when I began the program.

We discussed funnels, cash flow and marketing. I participated in a SWOT analysis and handed in regular KPI’s.  The KPI’s were the worst part, I absolutely hated having to share what I’d earned since our last meeting.  It was soul destroying.

I stayed and continued to show up, until I simply couldn’t stand it any longer.  My self worth was low and my confidence had taken quite a hit.

Now don’t get me wrong, the content in this program was really good and other people on the course were getting great results.  For me though, I knew there was something missing and I simply couldn’t put my finger on it at the time.

Over the years I’ve seen this with many women.  They need help, so they hire a business coach and try to implement great business techniques, however they don’t get the results they’re after.

These women like myself needed emotional support, either prior to or alongside their business coaching.  They needed support where their limiting beliefs are cleaned up, their self-worth is restored, their hearts are healed and where they get to uncover their unique vibe, which they become confident to fully, embrace.

You see it’s from this space that we back ourselves and we take action.

All the techniques under the sun wont help and we’ll find every excuse to procrastinate and avoid our KPI’s if we’re not feeling good about ourselves or if we have an old belief like ‘I’m not good enough’ running the show.

The whole hustle mentality has also prompted women to doubt their abilities due to the fact that not everyone works best when they’re hustling. On the other hand if you’re doing the internal work and you’re not taking action, get yourself a biz coach that’s going to kick your butt and get you moving.

We are ‘holistic beings’ and so it’s important that alongside taking action and getting results, we’re also going inward and honoring our emotions and listening to our intuition, which is the wisest voice you will ever hear.

Can you relate?  Are you overloading on the hustle and still not getting the results?  Do you think you might have some internal shifts, which need to take place?

If you answered yes, get in touch.  Book a free consult and together lets figure out how we can get you feeling confident and enjoying fabulous results too.




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