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Are you running around like a crazy lady, doing a whole lot of ‘stuff’ yet feeling like you’ve never done enough?  Do you tick a job off your to-do list and find yourself adding 3 more?  If you answered yes, you’re not alone!  And guess what, I have a whole lot of strategies that can support you.

First though, it’s so important to know where you’re heading.  When you have a vision that is crystal clear, it’s so much easier to create a plan to get there.  Imagine opening maps on your phone and trying to figure out how to get to… oh hang on, you not sure where you’re going, so it’s going to be really difficult to get there.

You get the gist, if you want to create a life you love, you have to know what that life could look like, and this includes how you wish to feel.

Once you’ve got clarity, it’s going to be much easier to create a plan to get there, uncovering default beliefs can also help.  I’ll be covering these two topics and much more in my upcoming 6 week course, which is being held on the beautiful Hibiscus Coast.

This course is only open to six women and there are now only five spaces left, so if you want to get out of your busy mind and start achieving what’s truly important to you, get in touch and I’ll send you all the details.

We begin on the 22nd of October so jump on board asap!


Tracy Manu is a life coach, women’s mentor and inspirational speaker, book a free consult to find out if Tracy can support you with your goals.



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